How to create a wordpress blog in a few minutes – Best guide for 2020

Are you searching for a guide to create a wordpress blog in a few minutes…

are at a great place becaThen You are at the right place because in today’s blog we are going to discuss – How to create a wordpress blog in a few minutes? On WordPress it’s super easy to get started with blogs without facing any hassle in a go.

But Before all that stuff you need to know how to move further so without losing your time you can create your blog and publish it on the web for earning money and for attracting your right audience. 

Here we are going to share with you all the steps you need to follow for being a wordpress blog master along with the appropriate screenshots to begin your blog journey.

How to create a wordpress blog in few minutes: what you will need

Just a quick reminder, though. This blog is not about, instead here we have discussed how you can create a self-hosted blog using wordpress so that you will be in your full control. 

If you have a confusion regarding and, I will suggest you to read this article about the difference between and / self hosted WordPress.

If You want to create an blog here are the simple steps you should follow for the same –

  1. Sign up for a web hosting.
  2. Choose a hosting plan which suits you the best.
  3. Pick a domain name for your blog.
  4. Finish with the registration.
  5. Install wordpress on it.
  6. Set up wordpress and get logging in.
  7. WOW! You are ready, Write your first blog.

None of the above steps need in-depth technical knowledge and if you are still stuck then don’t worry we will help you out by discussing all the processes in detail.

  1. Purchase hosting and domain name 

Making your blog accessible all over the world you will need two things in main:

  1. Domain – this can be referred to as your blog permanent address, for example ours is In case you want to know how to choose the perfect name for your blog, read this article How to come up with a good blog name?
  1. Hosting – this is the engine behind your website which you don’t see. Every website on the internet has a host provider which enables them to be in front of people. 

2. Install Free WordPress on it 

If you want to create a wordpress blog, unsurprisingly you need to install wordpress software on that. We Know this will create confusion but we think you will be surprised when you will know it’s too easy to install wordpress.

But before that you will get your login credentials from your hosting provider using which you are going to login into your hosting panel from where it all starts. Here we are using Gen X Web Hosting Services.

zen x web hosting login panel

As soon as you will login into the hosting panel then you have to move to the wordpress section for installing it on your particular domain. In our case we are installing on the Dbuzzz Domain.

zen x web hosting wordpress dashboard

After installing wordpress on your domain you need to access your wordpress dashboard by going to .

  1. Hurray! We Have Done it. Now write your first blog post

Now, After learning how to set up your wordpress software it’s time for starting you to write blog. Let’s first learn how to write a blog and after that we will tell you how to customize your blog’s look and function.

When you will first login in your wordpress dashboard it will look something like this:

a wordpress blog dashboard

To write a blog post:

  1. Hover over Posts
  2. Click Add new
a wordpress blog dashboard

After clicking on add new you will come to the real wordpress editor where you can write your blog with different styles and function’s you want.

To add text, just click and write whatever you want. For adding other content like an image or video you will need to add a new “block”.

blog editor

Here in the above shot you can clearly see block options after “This Is your First Blog”.

4. Here’s How To Change your blog look’s

When you create a wordpress blog, the best thing you get access to is the collection of huge free themes and plugins which can change your blog look and its function as well. Themes help you to change your blog appearance and plugin helps to enhance your blog’s function.

As soon as you will move to wordpress, you will have a theme already active & some plugins as well. So If you want to add new themes and plugins then follow the below given steps.

5. How to install wordpress theme?

For enhancing your blog look you need to follow these steps:

  1. Hover to appearance
  2. Select theme
  3. Click on Add New
theme dashboard

If you want to use a free theme at, search for any theme and click on install. 

In case you want to upload a premium theme then you need to click on upload and there you will upload your theme ZIP file which you will get from your theme provider.

wordpress theme dashboard

How To do Further customizations for your WordPress Theme

For customizing your theme you will need a wordpress customizer.This will help you in customizing your theme within some time without writing any code. 

You can access it by moving to Appearance – Customize .

wordpress theme dashboard

After customizing your theme, Now it’s time to add a special function to your blog and that can be done by adding plugins to your blog.

6. Adding functionality to wordpress blog with the help of plugin’s

Themes are mostly about appearances, while plugins add extra function to your blog. When you start with wordpress you only have the ability to write and create pages. For adding advanced functionality like –

Contact Forms

Social network buttons


Improved SEO

And lots more, we use plugins..

How to add plugins to your wordpress blog

Here are the steps to add plugin to your wordpress blog – 

  1. Go to plugins – Add New 
  2. If you want to use free plugin at, search for plugin by putting it’s name in search bar and click Install Now .
  3. If you want to use premium plugin, click the upload plugin and upload the ZIP file provided by your plugin provider.
wordpress plugin dashboard